Ever since its incorporation in 1976, LIDA PLASTICS RECYCLING SDN BHD, has undergone continuous progression and expansion in the field of HDPE plastic recycle products despite the recent economic recessions.

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Lida Plastics Recycle Sdn Bhd

was incorporated in year 1976. Our company focuses on recycling plastic materials as to meet with the environmental issues support of protecting our earth. We have adopted the most up to date technological advancement in our plastic recycling process with the most sophisticated and innovative machinery.

Lida Plastics Recycle Sdn Bhd has a team of highly skilled and dedicated employees who are actively in our research and development work of recycling plastics.

We care for the environment and as being a part opf the community, Lida Plastics Recycle Sdn Bhd would like to play our part by keeping our Earth safe and clean. Through of plastic recycling process, we are able to reduce the pollutants on the Earth by making these plastics to become reusable.

As a plastic recycle manufacturer,

Lida Plastics Recycle Sdn Bhd is always on the go to analyze and develop more breakthrough methods to recycle plastics. By doing so, our Earth shall be a friendlier place to live in with minimal wastage of plastic materials.