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With the expansion and development of our manufacturing plant since year 2006, Lida Plastics Recycle Sdn Bhd has been on the verge to develop better plastics materials for our customers. Our valuable customers consist of reputed companies from many sectors. The high quality plastic materials manufacture by us has greatly enhances their production and manufacturing of quality products.

Our recycled plastic materials are produced by going through various stages of processing. These stages start from collecting of plastic scraps which are needed to be recycled. The plastic scraps collected are then mixed and crushed thoroughly by our machinery. After that, the plastic scraps are cooked under high temperature which eventually melts the plastics. The plastics are then being transferred to the cooling machine for a cooling process. Once is it cooled, it will be send to the cutting machine to perform the cutting process. Finally, the recycled plastics shall be packed according to their categories.

The whole process of plastic recycling is performed under a supervised and stringent quality control. Our company ensure our recycled plastics meet with all the related safety and health requirements.